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                           by Ty Howard

Positive Growth Benefits You Most

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"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement,
achievement, and success have no meaning."

~ Benjamin Franklin

If you’ve already positively grown in some way today, keep growing. Build on that momentum and you will stay green and growing. If you’ve encountered nothing but stress, frustration and disappointment today, keep growing. Sometimes in order to bring yourself to the point of positive growth, you will have to think and push through periods of challenge and uncertainty. Through it all, positive growth benefits you most.

A good example of positively growing through a period of challenge and uncertainty is the Aesop's Fable on “The Crow and the Pitcher.”

“A crow, about to die of thirst, flew with joy to a pitcher, which he saw at a distance. But when he came up to it, he found the water so low that with all his stooping and straining he was unable to reach it. So he tried to break the pitcher, then to overturn it, but his strength was not sufficient to do either. At last, seeing some small pebbles at hand, he dropped a great many of them, one by one, into the pitcher, and so raised the water to the brim and quenched his thirst.”

I hope Aesop's Fable was as refreshing and satisfying a read for you, as it was for me. Why? It leads back to my ultimate point that positive growth benefits you most. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a good day or a challenging day, when your commitment to life is to continuously and positively grow—you can and you will.

It was Eric Butterworth who said it best when he said, "Don't go through life, grow through life."

Can you identify – right now – where you’ve positively grown today?

Did you start your day off in a much better mood and mode than you have in days past?

Did you focus and learn from a mistake you made today or yesterday?

Did you choose to exercise, eat right and drink the number of glasses of water you promised yourself that you would months ago?

Did you forgive someone who may have hurt or wronged you in any way?

Did you tell a family member or close friend that hasn’t heard you say those three special words in a long time that you love them aloud?

Time will pass and keep on going no matter what you do. You can settle on being a do nothing person or being an ever positively growing person. Your best strategy is to keep on going and growing, too. Benefit from and make use of every moment.

I encourage people all the time by saying, Do not be afraid of growing slowly; be afraid of not growing at all while you watch countless hours pass you by.

When your day is great, keep growing! When your day is exhausting from challenge, uncertainty or disappointment, keep growing! In every unique and pivotal moment, commit to keeping yourself growing forward. And as you grow, the positive possibilities will grow ever more significant in your world because—Positive Growth Benefits You Most.

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