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The Untie the Knots® Training Systems'- training programs, are designed for:
• 40 minutes up to 2 hours long
• Half-Day (up to 3 hours)
• Full-Day (up to 7 hours)
• Multiple Days (from 2 to 5 days)

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The Programs in the Untie the Knots® Training Systems

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Researched Based Training Systems

ALL of Untie the Knots® Training Systems include the "knots free approach" practices from Ty's nineteen-years of research, surveys and interviews. His ultimate goal while personally developing each training system is to keep every dynamic program up-to-date, take-home value loaded, and cutting-edge.

The Untie the Knots® Training Systems

Building an Attitude of Excellence
(Attitude and Excellence Go Hand-and-Hand When It Comes to
        Making Your Best Better)

How important is it that you maintain a healthy and positive attitude in every situation? How much do you want to succeed at work and in life as a person of excellence?

According to author, Keith Harrell, of the best-selling book Attitude is Everything — "It isn't how much you know about maintaining a positive attitude that's important. It's how well, and how consistently, you put that knowledge to use."

Building an Attitude of Excellence is a dynamic, energizing, funny, fun, and engaging training session filled with advice on how to become an extraordinary person with a resilient and brilliant outlook on work and life. Using real world examples and powerful relatable stories, Ty Howard will help your audience members to see, strive for, and achieve higher levels of excellence, daily. He will cover a broad spectrum of ideas, including attitude, employee morale, team building, accountability, leadership, creative thinking, dealing with stress, handling change, how to criticize, how to motivate and inspire others to peak perform (as well as yourself), the power of laughter, how to exceed expectations, work - life balance, excellence, and how to effectively give yourself The Untie the Knots® Attitude of Excellence - Attitude Tune-Up.

Ty Howard believes positive thinking can change the way an individual or employee feels about their job, their self-worth, their desire and drive for excellence, and even the way they perceive their peers, managers, and the organization they work in. This session will bring to you the concrete, proven principles that will teach and inspire you to make positive thinking, positive self-talk, and positive behavior a permanent accepted pool of success habits for work and life, moving forward. He can also elevate the attitude of management staff and provide them with tools in developing a team with positive attitudes which can decrease turnover, and increase productivity and team success.

Whether you are just starting out as a new hire, a frontline employee, a manager, or a seasoned senior executive, this substantive and empowering training session will be the jump-start and boost we all need to develop and soar above and beyond our amazingly capable Attitude of Excellence.


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Untie the Knots®: NO Bullying Allowed at Work!

Workplace bullying is a significant problem in today's workplace. Bullying behavior causes other people to suffer shame, humiliation and fear—all of which can affect their non-work life as well as their job performance. Every employee - on every level - deserves the opportunity to have a successful and safe work experience, which is the foundation for doing meaningful, productive, enjoyable, and harmonious team-driven work.

Ty Howard's Untie the Knots®: NO Bullying Allowed at Work! exposes the toxic, and often tolerated, epidemic of workplace bullying that devastates the lives, careers, and families of millions, every day. Ty teaches personal strategies to identify the hazard, assess the risk, document the experience, identify allies, build confidence, and stand up to the tormentor — or decide when to walk away with your sanity and dignity intact. He also discusses how every organization can create a complaint resolution process, its legal obligations, factors contributing to workplace bullying, impact of workplace bullying, and why bullying often goes unreported.

Untie the Knots®: NO Bullying Allowed at Work! is THE honest, no-holds-barred, straightforward, engaging, and dynamic training session that connects with, inspires, and empowers employees - on all levels - on what they can do to stop 'The Bully at Work', and take a strong and civil stand together to reclaim a safe, professional, and pleasant 'Bully-Free' work environment.


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Untie the Knots®: A Prescription for C.H.A.N.G.E.

Organizations stagnate if they do not change in response to changing marketplaces, new technologies, and evolving customer and workforce expectations. Leaders must be flexible and agile in the face of change. Leaders must adapt to change, manage others through it, and be champions of change themselves. This session will provide your executives, and mid- to upper-level managers with a fresh practical road map of how to adapt to and lead change within your organization. It's designed to put them on a path to identifying and untying the toxic knots of change that are on there way to your organization before change takes place, or already plaguing and troubling your organization after change has been implemented.

This training program focuses on the challenges of leading in a changing world, exploring:

  • The dynamics of change and reasons for resistance
  • How to help your team succeed in the face of change
  • Strategies for influencing others to support new initiatives
  • How to be an initiator of change, rather than a reactor
  • How to engage a team’s energy, motivation, and creativity


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Untie the Knots®
( Improving Effective Communication and Work Relationships Inside
       the Workplace )

An organization or employee tied-up in the toxic knots of poor communication and work relationships is an organization or employee destined to fail in one or several areas of business. Untie the Knots®: Improving Effective Communication and Work Relationships Inside the Workplace is a dynamic wake-up call that addresses the countless challenges, obstacles, issues and toxic habits found inside the communication and work relationship breakdowns of most organizations today. This no-holds barred, get-real training session will bring your group a practical solutions-based process that they can implement immediately to improve effective communication and work relationships on all levels throughout your organization.

This training session will increase each participant's awareness of communication behaviors and build their confidence and ability to better manage workplace communication and healthy work relationships. You will learn skills for communicating effectively, sending clear messages, and conducting challenging conversations while maintaining effective work relationships with managers, supervisors and coworkers. There is no better time than the present to bring your group a dynamic and empowering program for improving effective communication and work relationships.


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The Green & Growing Communication Effect
( Creating & Utilizing Good Communication Habits in the Workplace )

At work or in life—your habits create and define your future. ~ Ty Howard

Has confusion or a lack of clarity ever put you in an awkward position at work? Have you ever found yourself having to go back again and again to clarify instructions? Have you found that despite your best efforts with trying to communicate effectively, people just don't seem to understand what you're driving at? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then you're not alone.

It's a fact: Bad communication habits are causing unnecessary stress and confusion throughout work environments everywhere. Even if you consider yourself a good communicator, you might be using bad communication habits - here and there - without even realizing it. And that's why you and your organization need The Green & Growing Communication Effect. This training session offers a practical and adaptive process for creating and putting into place Ty Howard's "Effective Green & Growing Communication Strategies Model." You and your group will learn an authentic and a fresh method on how to inform and influence others no matter what level they are within the organization or the organizational chart. Bring Ty Howard in to present this training session right now—your company cannot afford not to!


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Communicating to Encourage, Empower, and Elevate Everyone
( Strengthening Your People and Their Interpersonal Skills for Workplace
       Communication Success )

No doubt about it: individuals with excellent people and interpersonal skills rise to the top — in their careers, the companies they work in, and in life!

You've probably seen it happen time and again. Take two people with similar skills and knowledge, but one of them has enviable people and interpersonal skills while the other's people and interpersonal skills are mediocre at best. Which one gets ahead faster and goes further? You know the answer to that one — no contest!

Communicating to Encourage, Empower, and Elevate Everyone is an intensive new training session, delivered in a dynamic and inspiring format by Ty Howard. It provides you with a half-day or full-day of the essential people and interpersonal skills you need to push ahead in your career, organization, and life. No other skill sets are as crucial to your professional or personal success! Here's where you and your group will gain essential skills for understanding, relating to, and working better with all types of people — even the most difficult. Do not wait any longer to have your executives, managers, supervisors and employees achieving the career, organizational, and personal success they deserve!


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Untie the Knots® to Toxic Workplace Behavior Through Conflict Coaching

This session will provide you with an understanding of the conflict coaching process, techniques of conflict coaching, and methods for successfully integrating conflict coaching into an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) process. Conflict coaching provides disputants with the skills they need to communicate effectively with each other during any stage of the dispute resolution process. A key goal of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is to resolve disputes at the lowest level possible with the least number of external people involved. Conflict coaching accomplishes this by encouraging direct resolution between the two disputants.

Special Features: Participation in mock coaching sessions, including professional critiquing and skill pointers, will help you fine-tune the skills you learn.


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Discovering and Unleashing Your Creative Genius: We Are What We Think

A session designed for project leaders, managers and anyone whose success at work depends on innovative and creative thinking. The session will encourage and empower participants to:

1) Think beyond immediate needs,
2) Stimulate innovation in themselves and others,
3) Challenges the norm,
4) Increase confidence in implementing new ideas, and
5) Add value to their organization.


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Untie the Knots® of Customer Service
( Improving Habits, Choices, Attitudes, Professionalism, Relationships, Performance, and Results )

An organization or person tied-up in the toxic knots of poor customer service becomes an organization or person destined to fail in one or several areas of business. Untie the Knots of Customer Service®: Improving Habits, Choices, Attitudes, Professionalism, Relationships, Performance, and Results is a dynamic wake-up call that addresses the countless challenges, obstacles, issues, toxic habits, and negative outcomes found inside of many companies plagued by poor customer service experiences. This no-holds barred, get-real training session will bring your audience a practical solutions based process that they can implement immediately to help move them - individually and as an organization - from average / good to passionate and exceptional customer service super stars. Throughout this session, Ty Howard will encourage your staff to refuse to allow their team and company to become a "Poor Customer Service Casualty!" Make consistent quality customer service "The Sustainable Norm" inside your workplace by consistently communicating professionalism, earning and gaining respect, enhancing all customer relationships, and securing overall competitive advantage in the marketplace through customer service excellence.

Bring this powerful - interactive - training session to your organization or group, and discover the same transforming principles that have led hundreds of organizations, business leaders, and their teams to new sustainable levels of service excellence—with BIG Friendly Smiles.


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Excelling in Customer Service
( What It Takes - TODAY - to Consistently Deliver Customer Service Excellence )

What is it that your customers really want? Quick response? Instant information? Friendly dialog? Clear communication? Appreciation? Acknowledgement? Respect? Reliability? Honesty? Quality? Consistency? All of the above, and more! When customers are pleased, they're likely to spend 10% more on your product or services, plus call again. But if they haven't been treated right, they'll tell everyone who'll listen about their bad experience with your company. In this dynamic, timely, and engaging training session, Ty Howard will take your audience on a journey to reveal to them What It Takes - TODAY - to Consistently Deliver Customer Service. What It Takes - TODAY - to Excel in Customer Service.

Excelling in Customer Service looks at all types of customers and how you can better serve them and improve yourself and your organization in the process. Participants will be provided sound strategies and tips to ensure continuous service excellence success, to include: in-person, over the phone and electronic techniques, positive attitude techniques, identifying and addressing customer needs techniques, dealing with difficult customers techniques, honest customer feedback practices, customer appreciation practices, and generating loyal and happy return business.

This is a must-have professional development session for anyone on the front lines serving external customers, and anyone inside the organization serving employees and keeping the company running.


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The Excellence CodeTM
( Excellence Isn't Born. It's Developed. Here's How. )

What is the secret of Excellence? How do we capture and excel in it? In this dynamic and energizing keynote session, Ty Howard provides executives, directors, managers, supervisors, faculty, staff, community leaders, students leaders, —and everyone else—with tools they can use to develop and maximize the potential for excellence in themselves and others.

Whether you’re encouraging a staff of 5 to over 1,000 employees or teaching students how to develop excellence, coaching a team of athletes or operating as the president of a national or community based association, this insightful, interactive and fun session shows you how to develop and excel in excellence by learning and mastering the essentials of Ty Howard’s branded process "The Excellence Code."

Combining revelatory experiences with empowering strategies for developing and excelling in excellence, and examples of businesses and people who have achieved excellence, this session will not only change the way you think about excellence, but equip you to reach your own highest potential in continuous peak performance and excellence.


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Service Excellence Through Personal Excellence
( Becoming a Customer Service Superstar )

This session teaches the ways to work easily with others and create a more pleasant and efficient work environment. You will also learn ways to better communicate with customers in person and over the phone; helpful skills for dealing with angry customers; tactics for keeping your composure under stress; how to become a master on following-up and following through; and much more. Ty draws from what is working in top companies across America, as well as what is working within your company. This session was developed and is presented by a customer service expert. This session will help you train yourself, your staff, and your organization not only to head off problems, but also to continuously rise to new levels of service excellence.


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Untie the Knots® of Diversity
( Embracing and Celebrating Diversity / Multiculturalism Inside the Workplace )

Understanding the factors that move organizational diversity forward—or hold it back—can make the difference between success or failure. In this dynamic training session, Ty Howard shares the enablers and barriers (toxic knots) of organizational diversity. He encourages and explains to your group the importance of creating a workplace that is aware of and respects the broad spectrum of human diversity, which is imperative for optimal results. For even the most committed organizations, it is important to lay the groundwork for a successful process by examining areas of need and developing a clear definition of diversity that the organization can embrace as an achievable goal. Special emphasis is placed on linking diversity to your organization’s strategic business objectives, its marketplace, and long-term sustained culture change. Participants will walk away with an increase understanding of diversity, and begin the process for dialogue, working together productively, and ultimately celebrating a diverse workplace that is welcoming, harmonious, fair and progressive.

Untie the Knots® of Diversity is a great fit for any organization’s Diversity Training Program—it’s insightful, substantive, fun, interactive, dynamic and entertaining!


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Untie the Knots® of Workplace Sensitivity and Inclusion
(Improving Cultural Sensitivity and Acceptance in the Workplace)

It is important in today's culturally diverse world that we learn how to appropriately interact and respect those around us. Because our beliefs and expectations affect our interactions and conversations with coworkers and clients, it is important to bring them into conscious awareness and take steps to alleviate any negative behavior and influence.

Untie the Knots(R) of Workplace Sensitivity and Inclusion is designed to enable executives, managers, supervisors and employees on all levels to embrace diversity in the workplace through understanding and respecting others' differences, as well as increase awareness of their tolerance, sensitivity, and inclusion. Ty Howard - in a safe, skillful and sensible way - uses open and candid discussion to explorer and assess our behavior, personal biases, assumptions, and stereotypes. Upon completion of this dynamic and engaging session, participants will be better equipped to identify and address sensitive situations and conversations, remove gender and generational barriers, unify and manage diverse teams, as well as reduce the potential of discrimination related issues and liabilities within your organization.

Regardless of the format you choose, this training session is divided into three parts, Awareness, Analysis and Action. Also, since sensitivity needs and laws vary from area to area and organization to organization, this session will be tailored (customized) to meet your specific organizational needs.


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The Many Hats & Masks of Diversity

We know people that, we claim, are not diverse or open to the differences of people in our world. How do we react when we come face-to-face with them? And, are we as open as we think? In this unique Diversity training session, "those" people will speak to you and at you ... and challenge you to look at what you really believe.

The Many Hats & Masks of Diversity also provides you with practical perspectives, strategies and solutions for increased awareness, understanding, and harmony for work/life cultural relationships and team success.


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Diversity: Why Is Talking About Race So Hard?

What did you say? Oh no you didn't! Have you ever been offended or have you offended someone without knowing why? In this Diversity training session, Ty Howard explores with your group the complications associated with interracial communication. He also provides them with practical perspectives, strategies and solutions for increased awareness, understanding, and harmony for work/life cultural relationships and team success.


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Generations at Work: How to Better Understand and Get 4 Generations                                             to Work Cohesively Together

In an age of innovation, constant change, and the need for mass collaboration, Generations at Work: How to Better Understand and Get 4 Generations to Work Cohesively Together is a must have training session for personal and organizational success in today's workplace. If you are a Traditionalist or Boomer trying to understand Gen X. and the Millennials (or the other way around), Ty Howard explains how to bridge the gap to drive your company's vision, mission, team cohesiveness, and success forward.

Generations at Work reveals the causes of conflict, and offers practical guidelines for better managing the generational differences


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Untie the Knots®: Breaking Free of Turbulent Clashes to Better Manage                                       the Generational Differences in the Workplace

Is your work team or organization being tied up and stagnated by the knots of generational differences: misunderstanding, irritation, feelings of entitlement, and stereotypes that hurt?

Untie the Knots® Breaking Free of Turbulent Clashes to Better Manage the Generational Differences in the Workplace provides a practical 'no-holds-barred' process and training experience to help you identify and break free of turbulent clashes, and turn generational tensions into positive outcomes so your organization does not miss the many benefits each generation can bring. Ty Howard believes, when we better understand why another generation thinks and behaves the way they do, we are much more likely to appreciate their differences and speak their language in such an effective way that it brings the generations together for better results and desired outcomes in the workplace.


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Handling Generational and Personality Clashes in the Workplace

For anyone struggling to manage a workforce with different ways of thinking, working, and communicating, this timely increased understanding and eye-opening training session is the answer.

Visualize a positively harmonious and productive day at work, one with no toxic office tension or politics, where everyone is doing their part, and there is absolutely no drama of any kind. Sounds nice, doesn't it? Now imagine an average day at your place of work. Are those pictures identical? Of course not, in today's ever-changing, fast-paced work environments, personality and generational clashes are an unfortunate part of every workplace.

Handling Personality and Generational Clashes in the Workplace is a dynamic, interactive, no-holds barred, yet, fun and empowering training session that will teach and bring your executives, managers and employees on all levels together with their different backgrounds, values, personalities, and generational differences. This training session gives participants what they need to handle and manage work clashes and conflicts with skill and positive - professional - intentions.

Lessen the generational and personality clashes/conflicts inside your workplace, and you'll get a reputation as "The Ambassador of Team Players and Team Success", an invaluable part of your organization. On the other hand, if you're known as a team member who is a constant part of the problem instead of the solution, you may find yourself losing out on opportunities, or ever worse, your career and job at your current place of work.

Here's where you learn how to minimize the negative impact of personality and generational clashes, and create a better and more cohesive work environment.


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Leading with Confidence, Integrity and by Example

Leadership is a critical skill that every professional should possess to be successful in today's work environment. Developing into an "Influential and Effective Leader" goes beyond traditional assessments of your qualities and application of those results. Leading with Confidence, Integrity and by Example builds on insights that will help you uncover your mind-set, develop the passion you possess toward leadership, and consequently empower you to influence and empower others to continuously perform at their peak. This session will teach you empowerment skills you can apply to enhance your leadership skills. Recognizing who you are as a person is only the first step to developing into an influential and effective leader. This session is THE next step in your leadership development journey.


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Creative and Innovative Leadership

      — for Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders

This is not your ordinary (canned) leadership - slash - customer service course!

This is training for today’s leaders — people like you who are pulled in a million different directions, expected to get more done with fewer resources, and forced to cope with budget cuts, continuous changes, sudden crises, upset and abrasive customers, hiring and wage freezes, and much more. These tougher times call for creativity and innovation in leadership, customer service, morale boosting, and taking care of you.

Creative and Innovative Leadership for Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders will give you a tremendous edge when it comes to giving the optimal performance your customers and organization expect. In this half-day, full-day or two-day interactive, high-energy training, you’ll learn techniques for turbo-charging your leadership skills and getting your employees on track for optimal performance and a lot more productivity. You’ll learn how to create the kind of service persona that puts customers at ease, earns their trust and makes them feel good—whether on the phone or face-to-face. You’ll learn once and for all, how to continuously boost employee morale, and even more important, how to care for and tie into a better you.


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Excelling as a First-Time Supervisor

Management is the art of getting things done with and through others. In today’s fast-changing environment, there’s no time to ease your way into your new position. This session will help you lay the foundation for your management career and provide you with the tools you need to make a successful transition into your new role. In just one or two (preferred) days, you will better understand yourself and everyone around you and be able to improve the ways in which you manage your direct reports, your peers, your boss and your work environment. The result: you will gain the practical know-how you need—and the confidence you want—to plan, organize, coach, motivate, delegate and communicate in order to be an effective manager.


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Time Management: The Art of Getting Things Done to Make
Work and Life Fun

The success and optimal performance within any company is based on the proactive abilities of all employees. The three most common performance sabotaging problems found within many companies today are: Procrastination, Poor Time Management and Non-Productive Work Habits. From the executive leaders down to the front line employees, people are reactive rather than proactive. Rather than acting towards long-term goals, they react to external pressures. Ty Howard will teach participants how to reverse this process. He will teach everyone in your group, The Art of Getting Things Done to Make Work and Life Fun. Through stimulating and interactive participation and analysis of their own habits, participants learn a set of strategies they can apply on a continuous basis. In this timely and high-powered working session, you will identify and begin the process to overcome procrastination and poor time management issues—once and for all. Proven time management, prioritizing, organization and proactive skills will help employees on all levels to determine how much time, energy and resources are needed to get their tasks and projects done—much sooner than later. In turn, putting each employee, team, and your organization on track to meet and exceed its set goals, performance, and strategic plans while getting more things done and making work and life fun!


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Untie the Knots® of Time Management Woes
( Freeing Yourself from Toxic Time Management Habits, Choices, Systems,
        People, and Relationships )

Are you sabotaging you time management efforts?

Managing time effectively is an essential skill for today's professionals. It seems as if Time is always shrinking: organizational change initiatives, up and down priorities realignments, technology overload, reduced staffing situations and a greater emphasis on flawless performance, and more! As the workplace changes as a result of current events, we are all finding ourselves required to accomplish more in less time, with limited, reduced or no resources.

The key to time management is knowing ourselves, as we can't actually "manage" time; all we can manage is our own habits (behavior).

The challenge: The work you do or the way you do it may not always align with your instinctive habits, requiring more effort on your part. This increased effort reduces your productivity, tires you out quickly, and takes more time than necessary to complete your tasks and projects.

The solution: There are 6 Time Management Personality Types, or approaches to handling time, that contribute to how you manage tasks and activities. By identifying and understanding your personal Time Management Type, you can identify the approach to Time Management that can work best for you.


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Better Understanding and Working with Families in Poverty

In this dynamic, insightful and engaging session, Better Understanding and Working with Families in Poverty, Ty Howard will guide your people as they create a mental model of poverty, review poverty research, examine a theory of change, and analyze through the prism of the hidden rules of class, resources, family structure, and language. This session puts into words what can be done practically and successfully by career professionals and community organizations for the ultimate improvement and empowerment of disadvantaged children, families, and communities.


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Tying Into Presentation SuccessTM
( Speak and Present With Confidence, Clarity, Influence, Substance and Energy )

"We teach, show and coach people on how to prepare well,
look confident, and speak impressively
before of any audience."

Our Tying Into Presentation SuccessTM training program focuses on the physical skills required for effective business presentation and public speaking. It includes: alleviating fears; effective research and preparation; structuring a presentation; building credibility; dynamic story development and storytelling; effective design and use of PowerPoint; and using proper presentation skills to sell an idea, message, product, service, challenge or charge. You will learn how to use your voice and gestures to create strong, influential and lasting impressions. You will gain the skills to connect with your audience, and to comfortably handle a business presentation, formal speech, impromptu remarks, or a challenging press conference. You will emerge with the skills to take control of any presentation environment in which you've been tasked to speak—and with the incredible confidence that comes with you continuously Tying Into Presentation Success.


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Public Speaking Skills (or Presentation Skills) Training 101

Overcome your fear and nervousness and make impressive presentations. Do you find yourself wishing that you had the talent to motivate, persuade, and hold the attention of a group? You can have it! Dynamic presenting and speaking abilities are not strictly for talented "naturals" — there are known, specific methods and strategies that you can learn and practice. This session will teach you the presentation skills and speaking techniques that will take you from the knocking-knees, sweaty-palms and shaky-words effect, and have you standing up speaking with confidence and skill! This session will give you an unparalleled opportunity to gain the experience and strategies of the experts. No matter how much you fear public speaking or doubt yourself or your abilities, this session — full of practical tips and techniques — can have you making comfortable, confident, and dynamic presentations and speeches.


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Untie the Knots®: Efficient Time Management Solutions for
                                  Sales Professionals
  - (On All Levels)

How many salespeople (and sales managers) are not realizing their full potential? What stands in the way to greater sales and more commission dollars is not something they do not have but something they do not do consistently and efficiently; time management. Successful sales professionals manage both their “money hours” and "selling time" well while average sellers do not. In the past few years, sales professionals have worked harder and longer than ever before. They have become challenged with the amount of information coming at them, with the changing expectations of their companies, and with the growing sophisticated demands of their customers.

Untie the Knots®: Efficient Time Management Solutions for Sales Professionals is a dynamic, engaging, and eye-opening session that will teach your sales team efficient time management strategies from a new perspective; how to efficiently utilize their time available for higher income producing activities; and how to take maximum advantage of the number of business sales days and face-to-face selling opportunities they create—to begin making more sales and more commission dollars immediately.


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Sales — Live It! Love It! Make Lots of Commission Dollars From It!

Selling has never been easy. Today, it's tougher than ever. Budgets are tight, the competition is fierce, and the decision too often seems to come down to price. Despite the difficulties, some reps consistently get the leads, make the calls, and close the deals. They aren't worried about whether they'll make their sales quotas. That's guaranteed. This dynamic, high-energy session is designed to explain and teach new and struggling sales reps the techniques, approaches, and skills that separate the top 5% of sales reps from the pack. New or struggling sales reps walk away from this with everything they need to take their own sales to the next level and reap the returns they always hoped a sales career could provide. If you're tired of seeing your new and struggling sales reps struggle through cold calls with little success, if they spend too much time on accounts that go nowhere, or if you wish they could close more deals faster—bring Ty in to present this session NOW. You, your company, your new sales reps, your struggling sales reps, your sales goals, and your bottom line will be glad you did!


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Tying Into A Better YOUTM

A dynamically fun and energizing general session that emphasizes the necessary importance of taking Better Care of SELF! This is a session packed with practical strategies to creating a life of better health, work-life balance, productivity, attitude, achievement, and harmony; presented in an upbeat program filled with clean fun, continuous audience participation, and ends with everyone dancing to music with Ty. Coupled with a visualization exercise and practical strategies on how to alleviate stress for improved health, and a self-assessment tool to help participants re-capture their passion for the work they do daily. Guaranteed to have all participants walking-away inspired, feeling good, taking better care of themselves, and striving to create and live a Green & Growing Lifestyle!

* This is the ultimate "Work/Life Balance," "Stress Management,"
"Personal Improvement" and "Performance Improvement"
training session—all wrapped into one.


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Stress-Free Relationships: How to Work Harmoniously with Any Personality

If you were asked to think of a coworker who is difficult and at times horrible to work with, you probably wouldn't have to think for very long. Working with people has its benefits but coworkers with negative attitudes and toxic personalities can make collaboration, productivity, and the effort to get meaningful and passionate work done—very challenging and stressful.

Stress-Free Relationships: How to Work Harmoniously with Any Personality is a dynamic, interactive, eye-opening, no-holds barred, yet, fun, and growing training session that is a must for anyone who has to work with difficult and sometimes toxic people. You will gain a better understanding of challenging personality types, ways to manage your own emotions, and practical strategies that will have you working harmoniously with any personality while remaining positive, even keel, and happy.

Don't be helpless and miserable when faced with having to work with difficult behaviors at work! Be Stress-Free, and properly prepared to smile, work-with, work-through, manage your own emotions, and stay harmoniously productive, each day.


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Excelling in Teamwork
( Anything You Can Do — WE Can Do Better! )

Is your team moving forward together or inundated with conflict? Do your team meetings consist more of bickering than collaborating? Do you have some team members who are everyday peak performing superstars, while others do just enough to get by?

Winning teams do not just happen, they are created by committed leaders and team players who’ve learned how to motivate, inspire and guide their productive efforts to individual and organizational successes. Ty Howard's Excelling in Teamwork - action learning training session - shares awareness and strategies in the areas of teamwork, team dynamics, team problem-solving, and team decision-making. The structural and behavioral dimensions of building and leading an effective work team, task force or group are fully explored. He skillfully combines a highly substantive team building curriculum with ongoing indoor fun and safe team building activities to spark participant curiosity, motivation, trust, honest communication, and commitment to apply and practice individual and group learning gains immediately.

You will also learn what it takes to develop leadership skills applicable to creating successful self-directed work teams, employee participation teams, interdepartmental task groups, and other group situations where combined efforts are needed to reach optimal team performance and desired outcomes.


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Building Successful Cohesive Work Teams Across Generations

( Better Understanding, Embracing, and Synergizing Today's Workforce )

For the first time in modern history, we have five different generations working side-by-side in the workplace. With different values, ways of communicating, technology abilities, and seemingly incompatible views on work style. These groups have the potential to create conflict and inconsistencies in the workplace. In turn, affecting everything, including, building successful cohesive work teams, communication, strategic planning, dealing with change, employee morale, managing, recruiting, retention, diversity, inclusion, and maintaining and increasing productivity.

Building Successful Cohesive Work Teams Across Generations is dynamic and engaging training session grounded in the understanding of what makes each generation tick, respond differently, be inspired to do meaningful and passionate work, and why. This shift in demographics does not have to be a "threat" to your organization's long-term health, performance, stability, vision, mission, or success. The shift can be understood, prepared for, and managed. This session provides the most up-to-date researched-based lens for how today's employees handle differences, communication, engagement, conflict, trust, emotional intelligence, leadership, success, and cohesiveness among multi-generational coworkers.

Ty Howard, veteran instructor and consultant, offers specific, practical guidance for overcoming and synergizing multi-generational differences using solutions, strategies, exercises, assessments, and real-world examples. He will skillfully take your group of executives, leaders, managers and employees on a journey into honestly examining and answering the questions that all teams must ask themselves: Are we really a team? How are we currently performing? Do we accept, embrace and value one another's differences? Are we prepared to invest the time and energy required to become and be a great team across generations? If you truly want members of multi-generational teams to get to know how they each think - and willingly come and stay together in successful cohesive work teams - here is a proven approach that produces more substantive results than the purely lighthearted 'rah-rah' fun events.

The session will be customized by Mr. Ty Howard to meet your specific leadership, organizational, work team(s), and growth needs.


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The Untie the KnotsTM Workplace Morale and Attitude

In the midst of constant change, ambiguity, down-sizing and restructuring, most organizations are fighting a winless and endless battle in trying to keep employee morale at a high-level and with positive attitudes too. To be successful in many of today’s organizations, most employees are forced to do more with less. They are expected to be creative, innovative and passionate to pull together, solve problems and achieve amazing increases in productivity. Let’s face it—it's tough for anyone to stay motivated, positive and eager to perform productively when they feel their work environment sucks! Ty Howard has assembled the best tips and techniques in use today to inspire, challenge, reward, coach and ignite your toughest employees to consistently outperform themselves, contribute in new and profitable ways and improve your organization’s morale and bottom line.

This Untie the KnotsTM Workplace Morale and Attitude ENERGIZER training experience will give your employees the skills necessary to establish work environments where inspiration, high-morale and positive attitudes flourish—and make your organization a safe and healthy environment regardless what it’s going through. Schedule this much talked about and appreciated session today—it’s your organization’s first step toward becoming a more harmonious, high-spirited and “knots free” work environment.


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