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Ty Howard's Untie The Knots That Tie Up Your Life Book
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ISBN: 9780972404006
Pub. Date: March 31, 2007
Knots Free Publishing (Baltimore, MD)
Email: info{AT}knotsfreepublishing.com
SAN #: 853-7550

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Product Details

ISBN-10: 0972404007
ISBN-13: 9780972404006
Format: Paperback, 356pp
Publisher: Knots Free Publishing (USA)

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Book Back Cover and Reviews

"Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life was so empowering, neither I nor my staff could put it down! Ty Howard does not get hung-up on the many setbacks he encountered throughout life as much as his unyielding determination to inspire and help free others so they too can succeed. Ty is a living example that all of us have the capability to make our best, even better, no matter what current position in life we’re in. One’s life is forever changed after fully reading and experiencing Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life."

— Willie Jolley, CSP, CPAE,
America’s Premier Celebrity Motivational Speaker, Singer, Author,
“Named One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World”
     by Toastmasters International

Do you know anyone who is tied up in procrastination, poor choices, excuses, self-pity, the past, denial, clutter, debt, confusion, toxic relationships, fear, conformity, continual pain, anger, mediocrity, or stress?

In Untie the Knots That Tie Up Your Life, Ty Howard, renowned dynamic keynote and motivational speaker, shares quick and easy-to-apply guidance about breaking free from toxic habits, choices, people, and relationships. He provides readers with a program for developing a life of better health, balance, significance, harmony, potential, and prosperity.

This is an enlightening, inspiring, empowering, and practical guide for gaining control of your career and life. Ty teaches you how to break free from negative bondage, build positive habits, and then turn them into actions to help you achieve your dreams.

Ty Howard is one of America’s most popular and in-demand motivational speakers. Now available with Howard’s Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life book, is the Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life Workbook, Which gives additional tools for developing and maintaining a life with positive habits, choices, people, and relationships in order to get ahead in your career and life.

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Reading Guide

Caution! It is likely that the following practical guide will reveal, or at least allude to, key toxic habits, choices, people, and relationships that have been delaying you from new levels of success and significance for some time. Therefore, if you haven’t yet read this book, but are planning on doing so, you may wish to proceed with caution to prepare and allow yourself the full enjoyment of exploring, developing, maintaining, and loving the new freed and empowered you.

"In an ironic twist, I now see Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life as a prequel to the soon to come trademarked "Untie the Knots" book series. Untie the KnotsTM is about how to turn a good person or organization into one that produces and sustains knots free results. The Untie the KnotsTM book series will be about how you take a person or company with knots free results and turn them into an enduring significant person or company of continuous empowered performing stature." — Ty Howard

An Introduction

Can very successful people, mediocre people, even people who’ve quit on life achieve continuous knots free results? And if so, what are the distinguishing characteristics that cause a person to go from living in toxic bondage to significant freedom? Using honest, get-real self-exploring methods, Ty Howard embarked on a six-year pursuit to identify a set of practical and easy-to-apply strategies that would empower people on all levels to boldly identify and untie their toxic knots of delay to create a life that had both success and significance. How significant? These people successfully identified and lessened the number of toxic habits, choices, people, and relationships they had in their life. This resulted in their life becoming more productive, healthier, focused, empowering, significant, balanced, and prosperous.

Ty contrasted the people with fewer toxic knots in their life with a carefully selected set of people that failed to free themselves from toxic bondage to living a life of significant freedom. Why did one set of people become true knots free performers while the other set remained tied up in toxic bondage? After sifting through mountains of assessments, personal observations and hundreds of interviews, Ty discovered the key determinants of freeing one’s self from toxic habits, choices, people, and relationships—why some people can set them self free and others don't.

The Untie the KnotsTM Process will increase the awareness levels of many readers and shed light on 50 of the Most Common Toxic Knots that have millions of people tied up today. "Some of the key concepts and principles in the process," comments Ty Howard, "puts a mirror in the face of our modern culture and will, quite frankly, upset some people." Perhaps, but who can afford to ignore wanting to, once and for all, learn how to break free of their toxic habits, choices, people, and relationships?

Questions for Discussion

1. Howard states in the Introduction to the book under Infuser #1: Reinstate a Positive Attitude, “If you’re serious about breaking free from these toxic knots, you must adopt a positive mental attitude. You must be committed to developing and working constantly with a positive attitude, regardless of your past experiences or current situations or circumstances. Attitude is a choice. …” Do you believe that one’s attitude plays a major role in helping them break free from the toxic knots Howard speaks about throughout the book? Why or why not?

2. What do you think of the strategies and recommended solutions suggested by Howard? Do you agree with the strategies and solutions he provided? What would you have suggested differently?

3. One of the most crucial criteria set forth was for you to Boldly Stand Up Within to Change and Grow. "Change is not something to be feared. Rather it is something we should welcome—for without change, nothing in this world would ever grow or blossom, and no one in this world would ever move forward to become the person they want to be.” Do you agree with this statement? How would the results of Untie the Knots Process differ if the criteria of Boldly Standing Up Within to Change and Grow had been left out?

4. Howard identified a series of nine-steps that characterize the Untie the Knots Process: Part 3 Steps 4 through 6 Setting Unstoppable Goals…Then Quit Marking Time—and Move Forward… and Defeating Toxic Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships. Which of these factors is the most crucial to knots free success? Do you think it is imperative for a person striving to break free of their toxic knots to have all of these factors in action?

5. Howard called Part 4 Never Quit! Never Stop! Don’t Ever Give Up! “One of the most challenging [steps] of the whole process." Do you agree? Of all of the people profiled in the book, who do you think most exemplifies the qualities of Part 4 commitment? Explain why you chose this person.

6. Howard "was surprised by the list" of the 50 Most Common Toxic Knots found in most people today. Were you surprised by the 50 Most Common Toxic Knots that appeared on the list (table) in Chapter 7 Step 1: Identifying and Untying Your Knots? Are there any toxic knots that you expected to appear that were absent?

7. In Chapter 17 Avoiding Self- and Outside-Sabotage, Howard quotes Johann von Goethe, "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” The fact is we are all vulnerable to self- and outside-sabotage in all areas of life. Do you feel that it was a value-added bonus for Howard to include this chapter in his book?

8. Howard introduces in Chapter 9 Step 3: Acknowledging and Pushing Through Your Fears, “The Fear Zone Reduction ModelTM.” Within the model diagram he reveals an acrostic (a series of lines or verses in which the first, last, or other particular letters when taken in order spell out a word, phrase, etc. ) for the word F.E.A.R. Howard says that fear is False Emotions Acting Recklessly. Do you agree with this acrostic? In what ways do you feel False Emotions Acting Recklessly prevent us from living our ultimate dreams?

9. Howard continuously encourages readers throughout the book to constantly reward themselves when they experience knots free success. He also quotes Barbara Hoffman in Chapter 14 Step 8: Rewarding, Assessing, Managing, and Persisting, who said, “Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” Do you agree that we as people should reward ourselves more frequently regardless how small or big the accomplishment?

10. Think about the concept of “Untying the Knots That Tie Up Your Life.” Howard says “The Untie the Knots Process is a program for developing a life of better health, balance, significance, harmony, potential, and prosperity.” Based on your journey and experience from reading the entire book, do you now feel that Howard’s Untie the Knots Process delivers on all the characteristics that he claims you will achieve? Why or why not?

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This Book's Themes

Self-Help: Psychology, Empowerment, Advice, Relationships, Family, Choices, Habits, Intervention, Personal and Professional Development, Inspiration, Motivation

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Author's Biography

Ty Howard, a.k.a. Mr. Untie the Knots, is an internationally respected authority on self-development and business-development. He is a habits intervention specialist, relationship expert, teacher, professional development consultant, and author who has dedicated his life to teaching knots-free living and relationship-building to organizations, individuals, and families around the world. His business acumen and easy-to-follow-and-apply strategies have propelled top organizations to frequently seek his counsel and advice. His admirable communication skills have helped him become one of America's most popular professional speakers on the circuit today. Ty’s solid research and practical strategies background have made him a trusted source for professional and personal development guidance on five continents.

When Ty was an active part of the U.S. Navy and then Corporate America, he consistently excelled in highly visible positions including Human Resources Generalist, Executive Office Manager, Corporate Training & Development Manager, Intervention and Behavior Specialist Manager, Outside Sales Account Manager, and Sales Trainer. He managed, trained, evaluated, and led employee teams of four to 300 full-time and part-time personnel working in demanding and fast-paced environments.

Ty Howard is the founder and Chairman and CEO of InspiraGen Institute, LLC, a successful, diverse professional and personal development firm based in Baltimore County, Maryland. InspiraGen Institute, Inc. is a conglomerate of four internationally recognized businesses: TyHoward.com, Ty Howard Seminars, Knots Free Publishing, and the Baltimore Worldwide Speakers Bureau. They share Ty’s vision, discipline, and passion to inspire, lift, and provide tools for change and growth for individuals and organizations throughout the world. He lives in Baltimore County, Maryland with his family.

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This Book Is A Great Fit For

  • People on all levels
  • Companies on all levels
  • Leadership, team building, and change programs
  • Personal and professional development programs
  • College and university groups
  • Associations, retreats and conventions
  • Television and radio programs (interviews)
  • Book Expos
  • Book clubs
  • Book stores
  • Online book stores
  • Retail chain stores
  • Military groups and families
  • Youth, teen and young adult groups
  • Men's groups
  • Women's groups
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Success, Entrepreneurship or overcoming adversity
  • Sorority and fraternity groups
  • Religious groups
  • Family reunions
  • Prison inmate training and development programs
  • As a "GIFT" for Birthdays, Graduations, Conference Participant Packs, Special Events, Door Prize Giveaways, Office Gifts, Family Reunions, Children and Grandchildren, etc.
  • People or companies tied up by toxic habits, choices,
    people, and relationships
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From Our Editors

Ty Howard provides us with a timely and empowering wakeup call. He insists that if you take the required time to identify and break free of your toxic habits, choices, people, and relationships, you will create new levels of better health, significance, and prosperity in life. In Untie the Knots That Tie Up Your Life, he explains how we can achieve our ultimate life purpose by moving through the world of toxic bondage to self-guided freedom. Groundbreaking empowerment.

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Howard offers powerful easy-to-read and easy-to-follow-and-apply strategies that will challenge readers to identify and break free from negative bondage, build positive habits, and then turn them into actions to help you achieve your dreams. In Untie the Knots That Tie Up Your Life: A Practical Guide to Freeing Yourself From Toxic Habits, Choices, People, and Relationships, Ty Howard presents the “Untie the Knots Process” and uses it to create techniques that will help you develop a life of better health, balance, significance, harmony, potential, and prosperity.

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From the Publisher

We all have been tied up in life by challenges, obstacles and toxic relationships due to our habits, choices, and a few people that come into our life. We will never be 100% knots free! Being tied up in toxic knots creates delay and sabotage to us creating and living a life of significance—our life purpose. In this groundbreaking book, Ty Howard explains how a life with fewer toxic habits, choices, people, and relationships can become a significant life with greater potential. At birth we were provided with everything we need to create and live a free and significant life. So why are there more people living their life in toxic bondage than in true freedom? Why put the responsibility or blame on any one or any thing that’s not a part of us? It’s not a secret that life seems to reward us most when we approach the world with a positive attitude, determination, focus, and continuous action. But somehow this knowledge and daily practice escapes us when we mix into our lives clutter, confusion, distractions, and unnecessary stress. When toxic knots go unattended in your life for long periods of time, they begin to choke and prevent you from living life to the fullest—from fulfilling and living your dream. Each chapter in this book is filled with specifics for creating and living an empowered and significant life. From a very personal viewpoint, Ty Howard offers a blueprint through the world of toxic bondage to life-lasting freedom, your ultimate calling.

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From The Critics

Coming Soon! *smiles*

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