Ty Howard
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1) The clips below have been posted here for demonstration purposes only. What you will view and hear are shortened clips of a program that may have been 50 minutes to up-to 8 hours in length. Ty will and does customize all of his programs for each group he's invited to speak before.

2) Ty is available to speak locally, statewide, regionally, nationwide and internationally for a fee. He is also available for television, radio and magazine interviews by arrangement, and will gladly fill-in as a last minute keynote speaker or expert guest interviewee should you need his professional services.

3) Ty is a professional speaker who is engaging, insightful, humorous, likeable, and will entertain and interact positively with your group. For over 16 years, Ty has presented keynote and general sessions, Half-Day and Full-Day workshops / training sessions, and lunchtime lunch-and-learn sessions.

4) Give Ty 30 minutes or more with your group — and the impact and take-home value (substance) of his program will have your people effectively communicating and working better as a productive team, inspired to do passionate and meaningful work, coping with and embracing change, and creating significant, competitive and desired outcomes daily.

Thank you for visiting and viewing the "Demo Video & Audio Clips Page" of Ty Howard. He looks forward to working with you and your group at your next meeting, retreat, lunchtime lunch-and-learn, or conference.

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Funny Employee Morale Keynote Dynamic Keynote Speaker

The Power of Attitude

Excelling in Teamwork

Untie the Knots® of Life

Barriers to Workplace Communication

Unleashing Your Creative Genius
Tying Into A Better YOU
( for Educators )
Youth / Teen Program For Educators Program
Leading with Confidence Professional & Personal Success
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Keynote / General Session Format

1a)  Untie the KnotsTM: Improving Morale & Habits at Work
 (Very Humorous, Impactful, Entertaining and FUN!)

(Closing Keynote Session - Professional Audience)
8 minutes 30 seconds in length
(Windows Media Format)

1b)  Untie the KnotsTM: Improving Morale & Habits at Work
 (Very Humorous, Impactful, Entertaining and FUN!)

(Closing Keynote Session - Professional Audience)
8 minutes 30 seconds in length
(RealPlayer Format)

2)  Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life
(Keynote Session - General Population Audience)
5 minutes 50 seconds in length

3)  Untie the KnotsTM: Improving Habits, Choices, People,
Relationships, Performance, and Results

(General Session - Professional Audience)
15 minutes in length

4)  Lead and Communicate With Confidence
(General Session - Professional Audience)
8 minutes 20 seconds in length

5)  What Happens When You Lose Passion for the Work You Do
(Keynote Session - Professional Audience)
3 minutes 21 seconds in length

6)  Untie the KnotsTM That Tie Up Your Life
(General Session - College Students Audience)
7 minutes 34 seconds in length

7)   Avoiding the Knots That Can Tie Up Your College LifeTM
(General Session - College Students Audience)
6 minutes 34 seconds in length

8)   You Were Born to Be G.R.R.R.R.E.A.T.!!!!TM
(School Assembly - High School and Middle School Students Audience)
5 minutes 24 seconds in length

9)   NO Bullying Allowed! Save a Life. Save a Friend. Save a Dream.
(Anti Bullying Assembly - Elementary School Students Audience)
7 minutes 40 seconds in length

10)   Black History Program Celebration: Break the Chains
(Keynote Session - Professional Audience)
8 minutes 54 seconds in length

Workshop / Educational Session / Training Session

10)  Discovering & Unleashing Your Creative Genius: We Are What We Think
(Training Session - Professional Audience)
8 minutes 49 seconds in length

11)  How to Get and Stay Motivated
(Educational Session - Young Adult Audience)
3 minutes in length

Toll Free:  1-800-385-3177  Ext. 0

Ty's Demo Audio Clips

( Click on the blue links below to listen to each clip. )

1)  Ty being interviewed on The Larry Young Morning Show
(WOLB 1010 AM Talk Radio - Baltimore, Maryland)
13 minutes in length

2)  Ty Howard's Motivational eCD from February 2007
(Monthly Motivational eCD)
27 minutes in length

3)  Ty Howard's Motivational eCD from March 2006
(Monthly Motivational eCD)
16 minutes in length

4)  A Ty Howard Inspirational Booster Message
(From his Inspirational Boosters Newsletter)
3 minutes 30 seconds in length

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Inspiragen Institute, LLC
6400 Baltimore National Pike, Suite 134
Baltimore, Maryland 21228
Phone: (443) 982-7582
Email: info{AT}

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